Northern Lights

Imagine standing out in the still Icelandic winter night, the frost biting your cheeks and your breath steaming up in the cold...

... the sky is clear, the air quiet and silence reigns. You look up to see the beautiful dance of the Northern lights across the winter sky - the glowing colours in a delicate, eerie and incredibly beautiful display.

There’s no place better to chase the Northern Lights than in Iceland! Our specially designed Northern Lights excursions will take you closer to these ethereal wonders than ever before! Experience the Aurora Borealis from a countryside cottage or the remote highlands.

The native Inuits from Greenland believed the Northern lights, Aurora Borealis, to be spirits with torches, in search of the souls of those newly passed away, to lead them over the abyss they have to cross over to the land of brightness and plenty, where no pain nor disease existed and food was abundant.

The Eskimos were able to call to Aurora and send messages to the dead through these spirits they called selamiut - "sky-dwellers" - those who live in the sky.

Note that the Lights are an elusive, natural phenomena, appearing only in the winter season. Though we do watch the Aurora Forecast for clear nights that are optimal for viewing, the Northern Lights can’t be predicted or controlled.

Our Northern Lights Packages

You should see Northern lights at least once in your life!

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