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Private guided tours in Iceland - Experience Iceland in a more private exclusive way with Eskimos private tours - Eskimos specializes in private tours and trips around Iceland.
Make the most of your time in Iceland!

We can make everything and anything private for you, just ask for a quote. A simple Golden Circle, a South Coast with a visit to a power plant or a helicopter tour with champagne, no idea is too big or small. We also love quirky ideas, so if you want to go hunting for elves, go looking for hidden geocaches in Iceland, bathe in as many hot springs as possible during your stay or have a farm-animal focused tour, we are here for you.

We get super excited by extravagant ideas, so if you want to listen to an opera singer inside a volcano, have dinner in a luxury tent beside a lagoon full of icebergs or barbecue in the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and waterfalls – just let us know and we’ll make it happen!


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  • Handcraft exclusive itineraries in Iceland
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