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This is who we are

We have a lot of B.A. and M.Sc. degrees in this and that.
We are also human, and really nice ones. We make an awesome team with all our little quirks and that is what really matters.


General Manager

Fridrik is not only a famous salsa dancer, he is also the founder of Eskimos. Since 2000, his company has grown to be one of the leading travel agencies in Iceland, known for its responsiveness and personal services.


Sales Manager

It's a bit embarrassing for the rest of us, but this Frenchman’s knowledge of Iceland is way better than the average Icelander's, including the rest of the office.

In his free time he plays darts and he honestly does have the potential to become a professional dart player. Also he grows the most complex and sturdy beard, making him more of a Viking than any of us!



Office Manager & Accountant

Karen is the best, she has the most contagious laugh you will ever hear and you cannot help yourself from laughing when she starts. She is also a genius with numbers and makes sure our bills get paid on time.

Karen is not only our accountant she is also everyone‘s best friend, you can‘t help but tell her your every secret and share your thoughts with her, we just know we can trust her. Karen is a colorful personality and her desk, pens, stapler, post-its, tape and more are all PINK and we just love our pink-laughing Karen.




Do you think math is difficult & boring? Well Tryggvi most certainly does not! He is the master of numbers, so not just the pretty face you see on the photo!

He is the type to bend over backwards to get where he wants & to get results. That is not figuratively speaking since he is over 200 cm tall, he literally needs to bend to get through doorways in the office.

Tryggvi is very helpful when it comes to numbers and in the cafeteria at lunch as well when he happily operates the microwave oven located out of reach for everyone else.



Travel Expert

Ooh how much you don‘t know about Inga, other than being one of the nicest persons you will ever meet, she is a former beauty queen of the North and once the Icelandic Glíma champion.

Inga is of course much more than just a pretty face and strong muscles, she has got the brains and the organizing skills as well so if you want your holiday in good hands, Inga is your expert!


Loïc Björn

Regional Manager EMEA

Loïc is not only a travel expert, he can whip himself into virtually any role we need. He can guide, cook, dance, speak Japanese, bake amazing cakes… the list of his many talents goes on forever. Mostly he’s just a really nice guy and a total gentleman who’ll plan your Iceland itinerary down to the tiniest details to make sure it’s the trip of a lifetime!

Loïc is Frenchman Number 2.5 on the Eskimos team, as he’s also half-Icelandic. I guess there is just something about these Frenchmen, we just keep on adding them to our team.


Loïc Björn


Travel Expert

Sally is our favourite Brit at the office. Well, we only have one, but even if we had more, she would still be our favourite. She does not only “sally-proofread” our English documents, she is also flawless in Spanish and Russian and would for sure take down a Viking at vodka shots. Impressive, huh?
Beware, this smart lady is highly knowledgeable and will for sure turn your holiday into an unforgettable experience.


Steinunn Ósk

Travel Expert

Yes, we know that she bears a certain resemblance to Cruella De Vil in her profile picture but, we promise, Steinunn’s nothing like her. Well, first off all, she doesn’t smoke (yet) and dogs are not really her thing. Actually she is quite the opposite! She is always the one to seek out the best candy and sweet treats Iceland has to offer and she bakes mean cakes for every birthday, even some questionably vegan offerings to accommodate all of the office’s dietaries. Steinunn has always a good story and we love her sarcastic humour!


Travel Expert

Sophia can´t possibly start her work without her daily dose of Brötchen. She’s so addicted that we even bought her a local bakery gift card for a lifetime supply of snúður pastries for her birthday (true story). Having lived in Iceland since 2017, she speaks Icelandic like a local and her smile is so contagious that you can´t help but reciprocate. She is the most organized person in our office and you don’t want to mess with her bookings, believe me! She has probably been to more places in Iceland than a local so she will meticulously plan your Iceland trip to make sure you won´t miss out on anything – an Icelandic itinerary organised with a touch of German efficiency! What more could you possibly want?!


Andri Þór

Travel Expert

Andri is the most relaxed person in the office, which may well be down to the fact that he was raised in California. He never removes his Oakland Athletics cap, though we are not even sure if he actually likes baseball. He owns the most impressive collection of vinyls in Iceland and for him a good Friday evening entails enjoying some classic ‘90s tunes while swigging the cheapest beer to be found in the alcohol store. One piece of advice: don’t call him on Tuesdays! He has his weekly poker game every Monday so he might not be in the mood…

Andri Þór


Sales & Marketing

Sebastien is an adventurer and that is best described by how he came to move to Iceland. He literally took a globe, made it spin and put his finger down. After moving to the far away land of Ice, this ever optimistic Frenchman found his calling in getting more travelers to discover our island.

Sure, we sometimes make fun of his accent, but his organizing skills are nothing to joke around with!



Sales & Operations


This is Hildur, or Snilldur, as we sometimes call her. “​Snilld“ means “awesome” in Icelandic; if someone tells you something amazing, you can say: “Wow Snilld!”

Hildur has many qualities other than being just awesome, she is super efficient and she will make your stay in Iceland just perfect with all her little details and all her triple-checking everything.



Finance & accounting

Heba is an invaluable member of our team - a combination of diverse talent and sharp skills, both of which are super useful in our line of business! Her detail-oriented thinking and organizational skills have earned her the nickname Heba Hetja (Heba Hero). She may come across as shy but that’s simply down to the fact that instead of nattering away, her time is more wisely spent spotting any booking discrepancies and informing the rest of the team so that we can find a quick solution and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Oh yes, if you are travelling with us, Heba’s the reason why your room is booked on the correct date or why our guide will be there to pick you up at the right place. She’s always ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need and, in turn, functions as Eskimos’ “stress-vent,” taking some pressure off anyone who feels too swamped - she can do anything! 


Creative director

Sara keeps Eskimos cool, she can literally make anything look good! She is a fabulous photographer and we are very happy to be molded by Sara‘s imagination.

Apart from being the artistic eye we look to, she is also an avid baker, that quality of hers results in very happy staff and happy staff create happy itineraries.

Sara is truly as sweet as the cookies she bakes, the type that couldn’t hurt a fly!



Project Manager

WOW did we hit the jackpot for sure with this girl! A day doesn’t go by where Guðný isn’t smiling. She has done many crazy things in her life, including hitchhiking a ride in a plane from Europe back to Iceland.

She laughs more than she eats and could sell her granny with those smooth, dulcet tones of hers. Be careful, you’ll end up loving her before long!! 



Car & office maintenance specialist

“Keep calm and call Ragnar” is a quote often used in the office.

Eskimos would never work without Ragnar. He is our glue, our savior of many things. For example, he is the head of the coffee machine and keeps the coffee running in our veins - oh and he is also the maintenance guy among other things, he can basically fix anything!

Name Department Email Direct line
Friðrik Management +354 414 1516
Jean Management +354 414 1504
Karen Finance +354 414 1510
Tryggvi Finance +354 414 1519
Inga Sales +354 414 1502
Loïc Björn Sales +354 414 1505
Sally Sales +354 414 1512
Steinunn Ósk Sales +354 414 1518
Sophia Sales +354 414 1514
Andri Þór Sales +354 414 1518
Sebastien Sales & Marketing +354 414 1507
Hildur Sales & Operations +354 414 1503
Heba Finance +354 414 1506
Sara Marketing +354 414 1523
Þura Marketing +354 414 1511
Rakel Groups +354 414 1513
Guðný Groups +354 414 1508
Ragnar Maintenance +354 414 1510

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